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Love Letters

Margaret Imai-Compton. Toronto

Mountain Top MargaretAnnette has been my exclusive Personal Trainer for almost 4 years starting first at Good Life, then more recently in her own Freedom Training practice.  I have had a personal trainer consistently for the past 12 years, and over 8 different trainers, Annette shines brightest.

She is thoroughly professional and extremely qualified in understanding my needs as a high altitude mountaineer.  She varies my workouts to keep them interesting and original; she listens carefully to my requests; she researches my sport to design the best possible program for me, and best of all, she makes this all fun.

Annette strikes the perfect balance of taskmaster and empathetic coach; as a result, I have worked hard at training and achieved considerable success in my mountaineering, ice climbing and rock climbing adventures.  Regardless of your personal objectives,  I highly recommend Annette if you are aiming for explosive results!

Shannon Parrett. Toronto

Shannon ParrettWhen I first met Annette I was looking for help with pursuing some personal fitness goals.  As a passionate wake-boarder I needed my body to keep up with my heart.  I needed help to loose body fat and strengthen up for better performance both on and off the water.  It was important that I found a trainer who understood my passion for extreme sports and helped me get back on track in order to succeed safely and successfully.  Annette took it upon herself to continuously do research on training techniques for wake-boarders and adjusted them accordingly to my personal needs.  I’ve never been pushed so hard and I’ve NEVER seen such great results.  While training with Annette I lost all of my extra weight (15lbs) and have kept it off.  I’ve built muscle mass and strength and in August of 2012, I competed in my first wake-boarding competition and won.

Annette will take your goals to heart and push you farther than you thought possible.  She continuously monitors posture and form to ensure a safe and effective workout.  She is completely focused during your time and is committed to your workout.  She is reliable with schedules and flexible with changes.

Training with Annette goes beyond the gym.  She takes a personal interest in your needs.  She provides useful resources to help her clients not only to be a success in the gym but to live a healthier lifestyle.

Annette helped me to eat clean, train mean and live lean.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, aspiring athlete, a student or new to working out, I am confident in recommending Annette for your fitness needs and goals.


Carli Sacks. Toronto

Carli S.Being a person that has been on a strict gym and healthy eating regime, I was always weary of personal training. When I met with Annette to talk about my workouts and fitness goals, I saw the value and need for it.  Only once I started my personal training sessions did I really start to see the results I was looking for. Sustainable results. Keeping weight off and staying toned comes easily as Annette goes beyond our training sessions by providing guidance in nutrition and goal setting. I enjoy every single session with Annette’s infectious positive attitude, her knowledge and motivation. My workouts are always new, exciting, and are exercises that I feel comfortable doing by myself at the gym. Annette designed a training program that has made it possible to achieve ALL my goals and she consistently pushes me to prove to myself what I am capable of. To anyone that is thinking of using Annette as a personal trainer I would warm you to be ready for the best transformation of your life. I truly have a new appreciation for my body and working out is no longer just something I do, but something I want to do!



Tabitha Lewis. Toronto

Tabitha LewisWhen I train with the fabulous Annette I feel like I can achieve the goals I set out for myself. That positive energy she has just fills the room.  I would describe Annette as focused, driven and joyful. Now I feel motivated to hit the gym even if I didn’t have a session with her. I know more about balancing my workouts to hit all areas of my body, I also know more about the importance of nutrition with my workouts. I would refer Annette to any one who seriously wants to see a difference in their overall health.









Kait Bos. Toronto

Kait BosWorking out with Annette is like finding the perfect workout buddy. She keeps the session fun but watches your every move to make sure you have the right technique. Annette is fun, vivacious and intelligent. Before meeting Annette I didn’t push myself hard enough. Now, through Annette’s training, I listen to my body and can push myself to make the changes I want to see. I can do squats to the floor now. I would refer Annette as a Personal Trainer because she believes in her clients. She cares about your well being your view of your body and makes you feel amazing through exercise and coaching.




Lesley Myrick. California

Lesley MyrickI had never worked with a personal trainer before, but after out first session I “got it”. It’s one thing to set fitness goals for yourself, but without the proper tools, resources, and motivation, they’re nearly impossible to keep (at least they were for me!). The accountability of having a trainer check in with and ask questions to took the mystery out of physical fitness, and I learned so much about my body and why certain exercises work the way they do. I would explain Annette as encouraging, uplifting , inspiring and empowering. Our Skype sessions were really what kept me motivated throughout the process.









Bev Dales. Toronto

BevDalesAnnette understands the needs and goals of the “zoomer” as well as the young professionals she serves.  I am 74 years old and don’t like exercise classes but Annette made them tolerable!  She is fun, caring and professional every grinding step of the way.  Thanks to Annette I continue to exercise – may not love it but she has shown me how important it is to keep on keeping on!








Sophie Price. Ottawa

Sophie Price

Spending time with Annette feels like an adventure. She is creative, energetic and fun. She has helped me to learn to respect and appreciate my body in it’s many forms– something I couldn’t put a price on because it has been so valuable. I would absolutely refer people to Annette because she is excellent at asking the right questions and really listening. She facilitates progress towards results — through real communication — rather than dictating a blanket program. Facilitating growth is key to long term success and you don’t find that in every trainer.





Coleen Santos. Toronto.

Coleen SantosShortly after my 31st birthday, I decided that I wanted to lead a healthy, active life. I had never really worked out before and had no clue where to start. I signed up for a membership at Goodlife and since I had no experience with working out or using machines, I also signed up for personal training sessions. Annette became my personal trainer and I trained with her from December 2011 until August 2012. I immediately liked Annette and I always looked forward to our sessions. Each session with Annette was one full hour of non-stop exercises that always left me feeling energized instead of beaten up. Annette had an easy-going but firm, no nonsense and encouraging approach which I appreciated. I loved the way she created my personalized workouts, keeping my goals in mind at all times. I also found the exercises that she taught me to be very creative and fun. (Who ever thought that rolling over on the floor without using your arms and legs could be such a core workout?) I learned so much from Annette that I will forever keep with me, but of those things that I have learned, a few stand out. First, the importance of making and working towards goals. Second, how amazing and strong your body really is. Third, you can do anything you put your mind to do.

Annette pushed me beyond my comfort zone through her words of encouragement, support and praise. By the time our sessions came to an end, there were many things I could do which I never imagined I would be able to do. Just to name a few: I was able to do a respectable amount of push ups, to safely squat 100 lbs (I weighed 108 lbs at the time!), to jump to my feet from a sitting position without using anything to push me off the floor (that one shocked even me!) and to pull up more than half of my own weight on the pull up machine.

When my sessions came to an end, I was the most fit I had ever been in my entire life. I was confident in working out at the gym but was a little nervous to start working out on my own. Although she did not have to, Annette introduced me to a workout buddy who had similar workout goals to me, which helped me transition to working out without a personal trainer. 

I would highly recommend Annette as a personal trainer. My experience with her was very positive and having her as a trainer was probably one of the best things I ever did for myself. She excels at teaching proper and safe techniques, preparing fun and creative workouts and keeping your goals in mind at all times.

Emma Berry-Ashpole. Toronto

EmmaAnnette is always positive and uplifting, so even if I don’t head into the session feeling great, I know I will come out of it 100% better. A training session is just as much grounding as it is freeing; it’s a break from the stress of the rest of my week as well as a chance to refocus myself. Training with Annette is like an escape because it’s me-time to focus on myself and what I want, but what I do in that training session comes away with me and is put to use in all aspects of my life. I feel both liberated and grounded all at the same time! I wouldn’t be able to feel that way if Annette wasn’t the type of trainer that she is.  I would describe Annette as positive, encouraging, and STRONG – in every sense of the word!

In terms of my fitness goals, I can hold a plank for 60 seconds when I couldn’t even get into the position a year ago. I can run on a treadmill and actually like it. I can walk into a gym and know what I’m doing and not be embarrassed by what I look like because I KNOW I have good form. And outside of the gym, I am reminded every day of things I can do now that I couldn’t do a year ago. Every single day I feel the improvements and can’t wait to find out what else I can accomplish. I would not hesitate to refer Annette as a trainer to anyone I know. Every woman deserves to feel strong and happy, but not every woman knows how to do that on their own. Annette helped me find strength both physically and mentally; I would be pretty selfish if I didn’t want to share that.

Check out Emma’s Outdoor workout!


Sue Evans. Toronto

Initially sought Annette’s expertise to establish a program of strength training that I could follow myself.  My goal was to increase strength and general fitness.  I felt that I was sufficiently knowledgeable about training and about my own body that I only needed a program; I did not need to invest in a trainer.  However, I made the decision to be open-minded and invested in 4 months of sessions with Annette.  After only a few sessions of getting to know one another, I came to value Annette’s approach to strength training and quickly realized that by working with Annette, I would exceed my goals in a way that just wouldn’t be possible by working out on my own.  In fact, as our sessions progressed, I realized that my goals where not lofty enough and needed to be elevated!

The gains I was achieving surpassed my wildest expectations.  Together, Annette and I learned that many of my limits and barriers were self-imposed and with Annette’s encouragement, I pushed beyond those barriers on a regular basis.  Workouts were fun, varied, interesting and challenging.  Each session had huge value and after every one, I felt that I had achieved something that was great for me.  Annette took the time to understand me, my issues and concerns, likes and dislikes, and set me on a path that was right for me.  I now have an entirely new approach and view of what fitness means to me.  I am enjoying my increased strength not only when exercising, but in everyday tasks.  I highly recommend Annette.  Personally, I look forward to working with her again soon.  Having a strong and lean body is fun!


Jenn Hau. Toronto

I’m a relatively fit person who has stayed active throughout my life by playing sports like Ultimate Frisbee. I decided to try a personal trainer after I renewed my gym membership to try something different. When I met Annette, we immediately clicked because she was super energetic and positive and we got along like old friends!

I knew she would help me look amazing for my friend’s wedding because she took the time to cater to my needs and goals. She recognized my athletic ability and personalized my workouts to push me to my limits. And when I would get frustrated with myself, Annette’s guidance and patience helped me slow things down back to the basics. I learned to become more self aware about my body and work out core muscle groups – especially my butt!

Annette helped me understand more fully exercise fundamentals and techniques. I can still hear her voice in my head while I work out to make sure I have good form. Her coaching increased my self-confidence and built a foundation for me to train and complete my first mini-triathlon. If you are looking for a trainer that is personable, hardworking and always encouraging- I highly recommend Annette!


Emma Fachini. Toronto

Annette trained me a couple of years ago when she lived in my neighborhood. What a doll! She kindly showed up at my house three times a week at 5:30 am, bless her soul. She took the time to get to know me, my fitness needs and goals. She was supportive, energetic, kept our workouts different and most of all fun. I achieved such great results with Annette. I would highly recommend her.


Teresa Laronde. Toronto

Annette is awesome, she gives off great energy. She made me realize life was for loving. She is energetic, loving, caring and, hilarious. Anyone would be blessed to get to know Annette and reap the benefits she shares with her clients.


Amy MacDonald. Toronto

When spending time with Annette I feel energized, inspired and I always learn something new.  I feel valued, listened to, and I feel encouraged by words of wisdom that she picks up from continuous reading and learning. I would describe Annette as passionate, engaging and, motivating I referred Annette as a Personal Trainer to a friend.  I usually don’t refer friends to friends, just in case it doesn’t work out, but I had confidence that Annette could deliver.  My friend trained with Annette for seven months consistently and she lost a total of 30lbs and 23 inches! She’s healthy, she looks fantastic, feels great, and her transformation is turning heads and getting a LOT of comments on Facebook.  I would definitely refer Annette to another friend – it changed my friends life! 🙂


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