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Workout Log Template: work it girl!

Workout Log Template: work it girl! hover background

Jun 20

Isn’t Marilyn the bomb? 

I have some more bomb-tastic news for you today. You can now download my new Freedom Training “Fit Log” (insert triumphant music and cheers here). I couldn’t have done it with out the help of graphic and print designer Kait Bos

Annette Papa's fit log

Now, how do you get your eager little hands on this great gym tool? Just sign up for my monthly Newsletter (the box just to the right). If you are already signed up no worries, it’s coming to you for the month of July!

The Freedom Training Fit Log includes…

  • Motivational Quotes
  • Space for up to nine exercises and five sets
  • Space to write reps and weight and tempo
  • Reminders to dynamically warm up and end with contract and release stretching
  • Reminder to roll out
  • suggestions for “active recovery” days
  • Pretty colours and fonts (of course)


Now for those of you thinking why the heck should I track my workouts? I say…

1. Time is money, and “if you fail to plan…” do I even need to write in the rest of that saying? Don’t be that person. Setting your workouts up for the week gives you drive and motivation to hit the gym and hit it hard. Plan a head to save time in the gym, it’s that simple.

2. It helps you to see you are getting stronger. Again and again I hear women wanting to “tone up”, or “be more fit”…what does that even mean?! After working out for almost 10 years, I go to the gym to get stronger, and lift heavier shi…zzzle. I want to see that, “oh last month I was squatting 45lbs and this month I am squatting 70lbs, isn’t that great?”. If I don’t write these things down…I forget them.

3.It’s good reminder to switch it up! Writing down your workouts helps you to see “Holy cheese balls I’ve been doing the same workout for three months!”  Even better it STOPS that from ever happening.

Hope you enjoy your workout log template aka “Fit Log”, cuz I made it just for you!


Grace, Strength and Peace…and don’t forget to work it girl!

Annette Papa

Personal Trainer, Toronto On.


Photo source: Photographed by Philipp Halsman, Hollywood 1952.


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